Services & Pricing

Below is a comprehensive list of styles and pricing. If you don’t see the service you are looking for, give us a call!

Waxing Services

Eyebrow Wax – $10

Lip Wax – $10

Chin Wax – $10

Full Face – $25

Lash Tint – $20

Brow Tint – $20

Underarm Wax – $25

Half Leg Wax – $45

Full Leg Wax – $55

Bikini Wax – $35

Bikini Wax Extended – $45

Brazilian Wax – $60

Arm Wax – $25

Eye Lash Extensions

Glamour Full Set $10 (synthetic, 80-100 lashes per eye)

Full Set – $150 (synthetic, 60-70 lashes per eye)

Half Set – $$95 (synthetic, 30 lashes per eye)

Fill $45 (2 weeks)

Extended Fill – $65           (3 weeks)

Touch-Up – $35 (synthetic, 1 week, 30 min appt.)

Mink Volume Full Set – $215 (80-100 lashes per eye)

Mink Fill – $75 (2 weeks)

Mink Extended Fill – $90 (3 weeks)

Eye Lash Extensions (continued)

Glamour Silk Full Set – $215 (80-100 lashes per eye)

Silk Full Set – $175 (60-70 lashes per eye)

Silk Half Set $120 (30 lashes per eye)

Silk Fill – $65 (2 weeks)

Silk Extended Fill – $80  (3 weeks)

Silk Touch-Up – $45    (1 week, 30 min. appt)

Corners Only – $60-$70 (synthetic or silk)

Remove Lashes – $35

Hair Services

Protein Treatment – $30

Deep Conditioning treatment – $20 add black caster oil, essential oils, Shea butter for additional charge of $5

Clipper Cut – $20 and up

Barber Line Up – $7

Stylist Haircut – $45 and up

Stylist Trim – $25 and up (This service is a la carte to be performed during a style service, meant to only shape ends of hair. 

Shampoo & Haircut – $$45 and up (Includes product styling and round brush blow dry)

Shampoo Press and Flat Iron – $65 and up (This is a temporary straightening service where product and thermal tools are used to relax curl pattern for a short term effect.)

Natural Twist Styles

Single Strand Twists – $45 and up (also known as comb coils or twists)

Single Strand Twist Out – $50 and up (Also known as comb coils or twists once dry the stylist splits each twist to create a fuller look. 

Two Strand Twists – $50 and up (Hair is individually sectioned and each section is divided into two strands that are then twisted around each other until the ends of the hair are reached.

Two Strand Twists and Roller Set – $55 and up (See description of Two Strand Twists above.  We add rollers to help camouflage straight ends and hold the style. 

Spiral Set – $70 and up (An edgy, modern version of the Shirley Temple curls)


Starter Locs – $85 and up(We use a technique specific to your hair texture and length to begin your locs.  We take the time to create sections that will give your locs the strength and longevity needed. 

Loc Maintenance – $65 and up(Shampoo and re-tightening of locs using the palm and roll method.)

Loc Styling with Maintenance – $75 and up (All in one service for locs.

Interlock Tightening Loc Maintenance – $85 and up (Shampoo and retightening of locs using a tool to weave new growth close to scalp. 

Locs Styling Only – $35 and up (Creative Styling using rollers, braids or twists.)


Shampoo Cornrows – $45 and up (This is a basic cornrow style that includes a shampoo, perfect for children and for protective styling during transition. 

Cornrow Braid Style – $75 and up (A step up from shampoo cornrows with more intricate detailing with the option to add hair to extend length and longevity of style. Does not include hair.)

Individual Braid Extensions, Singelese twists, Yarn Braids – $150 and up (Individual Braid Extensions include a shampoo and deep conditioning treatment. Dows not include hair)

Individual Braid Removal – $50 and up

Chemical Services

Virgin Color – $85 and up (This is the color service needed if the desired affect requires the full head of hair be color processed.

Highlights/Foil – $85 and up(Strands of hair throughout the head are colored. Requires detailed sectioning to create desired effect.

Color Touch-up – $65 and up (Follow-up service after a virgin color. Must be performed between 6010 weeks after previous color service. 

Corrective Color – $95 and up (Service required if there is the need to correct or change a previous color service

Relaxer – $65 and up

Perm – $65 and up

Design Essentials Strength Therapy System – $150

Keratin – $200 and up

Consultation Services


Creative Color

Hair Extensions

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